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The Artist Studios at the Boston Center for the Arts are dedicated to providing affordable workspace and a supportive environment to artists in all disciplines, and at all stages of artistic development. Artists working in studios at the BCA include painters, printmakers, sculptors, filmmakers, craftspeople, writers, performing artists and other art-related organizations.

The building includes fifty work-only studios for artists and arts organizations (studios are not live-in spaces). Studio sizes range from 110 sq ft to 1500 sq ft.

Artists and arts organizations are selected and placed in studios at the BCA through an application and jury-­review process as studios become available.

If you would like more information on the Artist Studios or are interested in applying for a studio, please refer to the application instructions.

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Studio 305
Artist website

douglas ozymandias decordova sculpture parkdouglas runner indiana state universitydouglas reach boston madouglas meeting of minds denver co

Artist statement:

Public Art is a message in a bottle. In one hundred years the works we commission today will be what informs our children about who we were and what we wanted as our legacy. Great Public Art is timeless. It speaks to us now but will still be relevant to those who experience it in the future. The purpose of Public Art is NOT to decorate a building or site – that is the role of an architect or designer. Design is a creative, functional solution to a practical, definitive problem. Public Art is not practical and rarely functional. Public Art must inspire and transport us beyond our immediate needs. An artwork must challenge us with questions not soothe us with simple answers. Public art must be more than mere decorative embellishment, it must have poetry.


Title: "Ozymandias" Date: 2009, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA, Budget: $20,000 Dimensions: 20' x 18' x 1'-6", Medium: Laminated wood and steel.This iconic male symbol that appears to be sinking into the ground was inspired from images of half buried Egyptian monuments made during the 19th century and the poem by Shelly. "…My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Nothing beside remains: round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, The lone and level sands stretch far away…." This work was commissioned for the grounds of the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA.

Title: "Runner" Date: 2009, Indiana State University Recreation Center, Terre Haute, IN, Budget: $62,000 Dimensions: 23' x 18' x 20"  Medium: Stainless steel. The dynamically posed monumental runner symbolizes the athletic activities taking place in the building. At night a custom light source projects shadows of students walking to and from the building. The diversity of the student's shadows contrasts the generic figure highlighting the unique quality of each participant.

Title: "Reach" Date: 2011, Mozart Park, Boston, MA, Budget: $70,000 Dimensions: 25' x 6' x 5' (not including base) Medium: engraved stainless steel. Commissioned by: New England Foundation for the Arts. From the central axis of the park the five uprights coalesce into the form of an up-reaching arm. From other views the sculpture appears to be an abstraction. Each upright symbolizes the life of an immigrant to the US. Engraved on each are quotations about life as an immigrant from immigrant youth of the neighborhood. The welded joints are purposely left unfinished to symbolize the different moments, twists, and turns in the life of an immigrant.

Title: "Meeting of Minds" Date: 2004, City Park, Denver, CO, Budget: $52,000, Dimensions: 16' x 29' x18' Medium: Steel and perforated steel. Commissioning Agency: Denver Office of Cultural Affairs. This sculpture was commissioned for Denver’s first public golf course to admit African Americans. It symbolizes how thinking about individual differences has changed over time. The dominant object is a monumental African American profile rendered in perforated steel. It won a national award from Americans for the Arts, which recognized the sculpture as “one of the most exciting, compelling, and innovative public art projects completed between April 2004 and April 2005 in the United States.”

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Studio 316

beverly sky

Beverly Sky is a fiber artist specializing in handmade paper/pulp painting and fabric collage. Her fabric collage, "The Flowering of The Buddha Mind: Transcendence Over Life and Death" has been selected from an entry field of 3,400 submissions to be exhibited in a collage show at the Thompson Gallery in September, 2012. The Thompson Gallery is a teaching gallery dedicated to exploring a single theme through a series of exhibits.

Marking the centennial of the appearance of collage in contemporary artwork, this exhibition aims to explore collage within art practices as much as it endeavors to examine the conceptual and political manifestations of this evolving artistic strategy.  Collage has become ubiquitous within contemporary art and culture and its myriad applications have arguably expanded its original definition to become the most inclusive of artistic processes.

Beverly creates "fabricated paintings" by deconstructing the original patterns and pictures in fabrics and reintegrating them into a new image. This new medium, is a natural evolution of her work as a fiber artist. From weaving to papermaking and now fabric collage... she is still working with the same materials, fiber and in particular, cotton fiber.

Strange Glue: Collage at 100
Thompson Gallery, Weston, MA
Juried Show: Todd Bartell, Curator
Opening September, 2012

Visit Beverly Sky's website

Image: The Flowering of The Buddha Mind: Transcendence Over Life and Death | Fabric collage on canvas | 5' x 4' | 2010

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Studio 401


David Addison Small has been painting, etching and sculpting at the Boston Center for The Arts for 23 years. His subject matter is fat, bearded, patriarchal Angels who, though winged, have forgotten their divine origins and now partake of earth's bounty.

Visit David Addison Small's website

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