Art Writing Panel with Big Red & Shiny | April 3, 2018 Print

Gertrude’s Artists Salon | Art Writing, Part 1: What is art writing today?
Co-hosted with Big Red & Shiny
Mills Gallery at Boston Center for the Arts
Tuesday, April 3 | 6–8 pm

Panel 1: What is art writing today?
“Art writing" is broadly defined as writing about the arts. But is it criticism, journalism or research? What are its uses: assessment, promotion or community-building? In 2018, arts writers are grappling with these questions in the midst of transforming platforms and audiences. Each publication has a different approach to geographical location, audience and kinds of coverage. And each writer has a different relationship to the field as well, coming to their writing through the lens of curator, artist, critic, art historian, journalist or some combination. This panel will discuss the varied forms and purposes of art criticism with respect to their own arts writing practice. The intention of this discussion is to explore the way contrasting publications deal with questions that concern the art world, large and small.

Join us for a wide-ranging, salon-style conversation with:

Moderator Leah Triplett Harrington is a Boston-based writer and independent curator specializing in modern and contemporary art. She serves as senior editor of Big Red & Shiny and is a founding editor of The Rib.


Jameson Johnson is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Boston Art Review, a new online and print publication that is committed to facilitating discourse about contemporary art in Boston and beyond.

Jamilee Lacy is Director and Curator of Providence College Galleries and Collections. She curates and writes about contemporary art, design and literature as they intersect and relate to urbanism, networks and intermediality. In addition to exhibition catalogs and academic volumes, she has written for Flash Art, Umelec Magazine, Art 21 Magazine and Art in America and is the former managing editor of Bad at Sports in Chicago.

Cate McQuaid has been an art critic for the Boston Globe for 20 years. Her work has also appeared in Art New England, Architecture Boston and WBUR’s The ARTery.

Juan Obando is an artist whose work focuses on the critical intervention of social circuits through the orchestration of temporary situations and the manipulation of vestiges found in contemporary digital culture. These experiments are often directed towards the production of video-performances, installations and experimental publications—using social phenomena as raw material and humor as a catalyst in highlighting systemic ironies and contradictions.

Check out Big Red & Shiny’s wrap up here, or watch their video of this Gertrude’s below.