Silvi Naçi with Dell M. Hamilton | December 8, 2016 Print

STAND UP: Women You Should Know
Salon conversation hosted by Silvi Naçi with Dell M. Hamilton

Thursday, December 8, 2016 | 6:30–8pm
Mills Gallery at the BCA
Free and Open to the Public

Dell M. Hamilton, 'Reina #6'
Dell M. Hamilton, Reina #6, from the series Fallen Angels: Making Sense out of Nothing

We’re kicking off the third season of Gertrude’s Artists Salon with a conversation on the topic “STAND UP: Women You Should Know” hosted by Silvi Naçi in conversation with interdisciplinary artist, writer and curator Dell M. Hamilton. We need YOU to add your voice to a wide-ranging evening discussing interdependent themes of photography, performance and persona in relationship to identity, class and gender roles in contemporary art.

The artist lounge and lab at the Mills is the site of informal, artist-generated/artist-hosted conversations. Join us for idle conversation, heated exchange and the sporadic, sometimes-thematic exploration of ideas that grow out of and into art.

About Silvi Naçi: Naçi’s work investigates identity, family dynamics, cultural identity, sex, class and the consequences of patriarchal power. Naçi, who was born and raised in Albania (a former communist country), engages in the dialectic between the aesthetically beautiful and historical genealogy as well as identity and socio-political structures. Her work is deeply rooted in feminist ideas, family structures and historical and contemporary social constructs. Naçi works with photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, found historical imagery, collage, video and performance.

About Dell M. Hamilton: Hamilton’s work draws not only on the historical conventions of photography and performance art, but also on the history of black theater, the written and oral traditions of black and Latina women writers and the contradiction and exuberance of drag performance. Her latest series, Fallen Angels: Making Sense Out of Nothing, investigates the relationship between persona, performance and photography through the conflation of characters inspired by Central American folklore, personal memory and family history.

Dell’s artist talks, solo performances, scholarly lectures, and collaborative performances have been presented to a wide variety of audiences in Boston and New York as well as in France, Italy and Chile. Born in Spanish Harlem (New York City), and with ancestral roots in Belize, Honduras and the Caribbean, her practice wrestles with the social and geopolitical constructions of memory, gender, race, language and history through the mediums of photography, video, drawing, installation and performance.

To learn more about Dell’s work, please visit or follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @dellmhamilton