James Montford | June 11, 2015 Print

montford melissa blackallYou and Identity in Art

Hosted by James Montford
Thursday, June 11 | 6:30-8pm
Mills Gallery
Free and open to the public

How have you come to understand facets of your own identity, including gender, race, ethnicity and sexuality – and what role has art played in this process?

Do you address identity in your art?

How do images affect the ways you identify yourself, and how you see yourself in relation to others?

Describe a time when you felt painfully aware or uncomfortable in your identity.

Describe a situation when you realized you felt vulnerable because of your identity.

Describe a time when you felt powerful because of your identity.

How do you feel about national protests around race, poverty and power in America today?

Join us on Thursday, June 11th in the BCA’s Mills Gallery when James Montford hosts a discussion inviting artists and art enthusiasts to talk about their experiences and ideas on the subject of Identity in Art.

Image: James Montford in his studio, Melissa Blackall Photography 2015