James Leonard | April 2, 2015 Print

james leonard sd book spreadImpermanence and the Future Foretold

Thursday, April 2 | 6:30-8:00pm
Salon conversation hosted by James Leonard
Free and open to the public

Seeking a deeper relationship with divinatory traditions? Need your fortune told?  Join us for a conversation on impermanence and our relationship to the future as Gertrude's contemplates the mysteries of WHAT COMES NEXT? hosted by current BCA Artist Resident James Leonard.

GERTRUDE'S artists' salon at the BCA's Mills Gallery welcomes spring with a conversation hosted by Brooklyn-based artist James Leonard, who will share brief excerpts from prior works unSuicide Note and The Winter Codex followed by a reading from his newly released book Seeking Diviners. The book chronicles Leonard's probings of foresight, including saturating multiple Brooklyn neighborhoods with street fliers seeking contact with diviners comfortable discussing the end of the world. Learn more about James Leonard

Drop by to share your thoughts, speak your mind, hang out, listen in and/or learn a few things.

Hoping to see you soon!

Image: Michael Duva