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September 8 - December 18, 2015

Ian Deleón's residency project at the BCA, Public Personae will be a critical exploration of the social aspects of the artist's work in performance, curation, writing, and dialogue. During the residency period, Deleón will organize a series of public events throughout the BCA campus that foreground concerns of engagement, participation, collaboration, and spectatorship. Events will include a mix of experimental performances, workshops, video screenings, multi-lingual group readings, vendor-booth style public interventions and drop-in critique sessions, created in collaboration with local and out-of-state practitioners whose cultural production hinges on the social. Through this programming, Public Personae aims to undercut the consumptive tendencies of artistic presentation/participation in favor of an ethics of communal preparation and digestion.

Ian Deleón (b. 1987, Miami, 2nd generation Cuban/Brazilian) is an artist, writer, and independent scholar currently based in Boston, MA. He is the Contemporary Department Assistant at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; an editorial contributor to ARC Magazine and Big Red & Shiny, among other publications; and an active member of the Todo Bajo Control & Social Health Performance Club artist groups. Deleón has exhibited videos, installations, performances, and 2-D work in Cuba, Trinidad, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Barcelona, Berlin, Beijing, Vancouver, and throughout the Northeast of the United States.


Public Personae: Bodies in Transit // Bodies in Tumult (part 1)
Free Afternoon Public Performance series on the BCA Plaza
(or in the BCA Mills Gallery if weather is uncooperative)
Curated by BCA Fall 2015 Artist Resident Ian Deleón

This public event presents three short-duration interactive art projects on the BCA Plaza, revolving around themes including an exploration of the commodification of black bodies/black lives and the stereotypes and myths that perpetuate this process; experimentation with new forms of narrative and the transformative role of storytelling; and personal and activist possibilities raised by the act of reading together.

The projects being presented:

  1. PIGEON HOLE a pop-up storefront installation by artists Jennifer Hall and Soledad Boyd, taking place in front of the BCA plaza garden, on the Tremont Street side, near corner of Tremont and Clarendon;
  2. The Water Bearer/La portadora de aqua site-specific performance by Dey Hernández, in front of the Mills Gallery; and
  3. READERS a gathering of collaborators organized by Ekua Holmes and Chanel Thervil, in and around the BCA plaza garden


Public Personae: Bodies in Transit//Bodies in Tumult (part 2)
Free Public Performance series
Saturday, December 19, 2015 | 4-7pm
Curated by BCA Fall 2015 Artist Resident Ian Deleón

This public event presents an afternoon of performances that push the limits of identity, materiality and consciousness. Four new artist projects feature three site-specific performance debuts and a multimedia presentation in the BCA’s Black Box Theatre.

The projects being presented:

  3. Adam Rose + Eames Armstrong
  4. Madge of Honor

In greater detail:

  1. In ESSENTIAL DEPARTURES, Tif Robinette presents documentation and testimony from Essential Departures, a collaborative and experimental performance art workshop held at Rosekill Farm in upstate New York last summer. The workshop, organized with Poppy Jackson (UK) and Jill McDermid (NYC), breaks with women’s historically fraught, imposed ‘bond’ with nature by activating the inherent political potency of the female body/activist body within a natural context.
  2. Essential Departures
    Performance at Essential Departures by Jessi T Walsh

  3. AGROFEMME is a Brooklyn-based performance artist exploring subjects including: the sublime and the abject often informed by an investigation of esoteric and occult texts, the 19th century avant garde, post-humanist theories and radical queer feminism. Agrofemme’s work attempts to unionize empathetic spirituality, healing and radical action.

  5. Adam Rose + Eames Armstrong are two Chicago and Washington, DC-based interdisciplinary artists who explore the elusive nature of the mind-body relationship through dance, performance and collaborative experimentation. Adam is the Artistic Director of Antibody Corporation, specializing in presenting work from the standpoint of a theoretical Antibody – amorphous and evading categorization. Eames is the found of Aether Art Projects, and currently pursuing an MFA at George Washington University.
  6. Adam Rose + Eames Armstrong Adam Rose + Eames Armstrong

  7. MADGE OF HONOR is a queer performance artist whose work centers on the body as a site of both socialization and rebellion.  Madge uses femininity, sexuality and spectacle to expose and confront social conventions, construction and our collective fantasies/pathologies about race and gender, drawing on nightclub traditions of drag and burlesque.  Madge also engages with physically and psychically demanding endurance and time-based work.