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After Now
September 4 – December 23, 2012
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after nowWashington, DC-based artist Rigg explores ways in which current socio-political issues affect a community’s immediate environment and quality of life. Given the economic uncertainties that define the ongoing late-2000s recession and a broader sense of unease about social and environmental futures, Rigg's project, After Now incorporates methods utilized in science fiction writing to ask participants to describe their own sense of possible futures. Rigg adapts these techniques to everyday life, transforming ideals into concrete activities for individuals to narrate their own world order. Portions of the resulting audio recordings of interviews and public conversations will ultimately be translated into concrete, three-dimensional models of the objects and places in the participants’ stories.

Artist Talk: Wednesday, September 19 | 6 pm | Mills Gallery

The Future Looks Like This: An evening of rational and irrational charette and conversation
Thursday, November 15 | 7 pm | Mills Gallery at the BCA

Free and open to the public

How is the economic crisis changing what is possible?
Draw the landscape of the future as you imagine it using the science fiction strategy of world building (no artistic virtuosity is expected!).

End Times vs. The Five-Year Plan
Take inspiration and perhaps solace in highlights from the history of planning and foretelling the future.

Contribute to the After Now Library
Be a part of a larger collection of conversations and interviews about modeling the future. Portions of the workshop will be audio recorded.

In Exchange
In thanks for your participation, you will receive a hand-made compendium of the After Now materials made in Boston this Fall.

What’s a charette?
A collaborative session of designers, citizens, planners or other interested parties often used to generate design solutions for real world problems. Formats vary, but they are usually set to a deadline to generate ideas quickly – the goal is ideas rather than finished product.


IMAGE CREDIT: Siobhan Rigg, After Now: Open Invitation for Open Meetings, 2012