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Photo by Kathy Le
Photo by Kathy Le

Ngoc-Tran Vu | Made Elsewhere
January 29–May 11, 2018
Spring Visual Artist Residency

Visual Artist Resident Ngoc-Tran Vu’s project Made Elsewhere explores issues of migration and displacement, particularly of refugees and immigrants, through cultural exchange and storytelling. Working in collaboration with Boston refugee and immigrant organizations to visually preserve the stories of marginalized communities, Vu uses fine arts and creative collaboration to reimagine and restructure the status quo, using the multiple meanings of found, discarded materials to provide a direct connection to issues of immigration and globalization.

The artist will use the residency to create a prototype of a larger project constructing a new vision of the Statue of Liberty using recycled and found materials. The public sculpture will then premiere at the Heritage Museum & Gardens’ Commemorations show from May 20–October 8 in Sandwich, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. In the meantime, please visit the project’s blog for more updates and see the artist’s process.

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Lucas Spivey, Maya Erdelyi and Ngoc-Tran Vu

Boston Center for the Arts Announces 2017–2018 Visual Arts Residents
Three local visual artists will receive workspace, staff and financial support to implement projects that include programs to maximize community engagement.

Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) is pleased to announce that artists Lucas Spivey, Maya Erdelyi and Ngoc-Tran Vu have been selected as BCA 2017–2018 Visual Artist Residents. The BCA Visual Arts Residency Program is one of the only programs of its kind in Boston that focuses on artistic practices that foreground process and community engagement. This year’s artist residents amplify cultural and artistic voices through multi-disciplinary projects and include programming focused on artist-entrepreneurs, the refugee experience and immigrant stories. The selection of artists was made by an independent panel and was based on proposals that demonstrated unique and innovative artistic projects in combination with strong vision for community engagement. The 2017–2018 Visual Arts Residents are:

  • Summer 2017 Public Artist Resident Lucas Spivey, who will bring his Mobile Incubator to the BCA’s public plaza. An artfully retrofitted camper trailer, the Mobile Incubator is a site for dialogue around issues of art and entrepreneurship, and for amplifying creative voices from across a broad spectrum of practices.
  • Fall 2017 Visual Artist Resident Maya Erdelyi, who will develop Walk Cycle, exploring the use of public art strategies such as animated wheatpaste posters and projected images to convey the story of the journey of a refugee—Erdelyi’s grandmother—who escaped through the forests of Hungary during World War II.
  • Spring 2018 Visual Artist Resident Ngoc-Tran Vu, who will launch her Made Elsewhere project as both a tribute to refugee history and as a modern, political statement. Fascinated by the history of the Statue of Liberty, which was initially modeled on the design of an Arab woman, Vu will continue her work on a sculptural reinvention of this Arab Lady Liberty, and will produce a smaller-scale prototype for public viewing during BCA events.

These process-oriented residencies are intended to provide an environment where artists can experiment with their craft, develop their focus or test new ideas, while simultaneously engaging in vital public dialogue. In residencies that range from 13 to 15 weeks at Boston Center for the Arts’ vibrant South End Campus, each artist will receive full-time access to a studio space in the Artist Studios Building, support from an intern dedicated to their project and financial assistance.

Read the full press release here.

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Image: Maya Erdelyi 2017 (detail)

Maya Erdelyi | Walk Cycle
September 11–December 22, 2017
Fall Visual Artist Residency

Animator Maya Erdelyi presents Walk Cycle, a project born from both a deeply personal experience and the refugee experience as a whole. Erdelyi will explore possibilities for constructing a series of wheatpaste posters depicting images based on her grandmother’s long midnight walk through the forests of Hungary to escape the violence of World War II. When visually sequenced together by the viewer, the posters will animate into an actual walk cycle, moving through many different kinds of walls and spaces, including neglected spaces, which reference the need for some refugees to survive by not being seen.

Erdelyi will reach out to refugees or descendants of refugees in the Boston area, perhaps including their stories into her work with the addition of recorded interviews. The concept of the Walk Cycle, in Erdelyi’s own words, “connects the physical act of [walking] to the unnerving reality that we are living in a time of seeing history repeat itself.”

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Mobile Incubator

Lucas Spivey | Mobile Incubator
July 20–October 22, 2017
Opening Reception | Thursday, July 20
Summer Public Art Residency on BCA Plaza

The Mobile Incubator is, physically, an overhauled 1957 Shasta camper, but Lucas Spivey has replaced the trailer’s original functionality with those of a home office and recording studio. The mobile office, complete with faux-yard and patio furniture, will act as a catalyst for collaboration between the realms of arts/culture and business. Spivey will host podcasts with entrepreneurs, researchers and thought leaders each week and present these to the public, while also holding drop-in sessions to perform pro bono business development for artists and cultural organizations.

The core focus of Spivey’s project is to encourage the exchange of information between creative- and business-minded individuals. “Arts and culture have a great deal to gain from the essentials of business,” Spivey contends. “And business has a lot to gain from the creativity and freedom so central to the arts.”

Read the press release here.

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Announcing Boston Center for the Arts 2016–2017 Artist Residents Chanel Thervil, Nabeela Vega and Tim McCool

Boston, MA—Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) is pleased to announce that artists Chanel Thervil, Nabeela Vega and Timothy McCool have been selected as BCA 2016–2017 Artist Residents. In a newly implemented process reflecting the socially-engaged and public-facing nature of all three of our annual Artist Residencies, the BCA will combine its public calls for these opportunities into a single annual call going forward. Please keep an eye out for an announcement of our 2017–2018 Artist Residents in summer 2017.

Chanel ThervilNabeela VegaTimothy McCool
Left to right: Chanel Thervil, Nabeela Vega, Timothy McCool

BCA 2016–2017 Artist Residency Program: Focus on Public Engagement

The Artist Residency Program at the BCA provides studio space for three artists during the 2016–2017 season: a Public Artist Resident from June through August 2016, and Artist Residencies during September–December 2016 and January–May 2017. These process-oriented residencies are intended to provide an environment where artists can experiment with their craft, develop their focus or test new ideas and simultaneously engage in vital public dialogue. Artists are selected through an annual, juried Open Call process.

The BCA's Artist Residency Program puts special emphasis on artist projects that engage the public in direct and innovative ways, through collaborative activities, participatory public installations, performance, intervention or other imaginative activation. Whether their practice is studio-, street-, or performance-based, artists are invited to use this opportunity to explore art that has public interaction and participation as significant elements.

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