The BCA Theatre Rental Program provides theatre rentals for 10 to 15 theatre companies each year. Our theatres are generally rented to not-for-profit companies on a weekly basis. Rentals of less than one week will be considered on a case by case basis.

Additional helpful points you’ll want to note:

  • Rentals in the BCA Plaza and Plaza Black Box Theatres begin and end on Sundays, with 24-hour access to the space after load-in. Rentals in N. Martin Hall begin on Mondays and end on Sundays, with hours of use restricted to building schedules determined by Calderwood Pavilion Staff.
  • All theatres, lobbies and the public restrooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • The BCA provides a House Manager for the BCA Plaza Theatre and the Plaza Black Box Theatre. The House Manager is present for all public events and manages all volunteer ushers. No technical staff is provided – all other staffing is the responsibility of the producer.
  • N. Martin Hall producers will need to provide a House Manager for their public performances.
  • (BTS) provides full box office support to all artists and performing arts groups using these spaces.  Details about all box office services will be included with your contract.  More information can be found at