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An MFA Thesis Exhibition of five artists in the joint graduate degree program of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University, This is not Happening features the work of Melissa Boyajian, Krista Caballero, Melinda Go, Jesse Jagtiani, and Alexia Mellor.

Melissa Boyajian

Sooner, Oklahoma is a multimedia installation focused on the tourism industry. The project includes promotional commercials, a website, and travel brochures that further explore the diverse attractions Sooner has to offer.

Melissa Boyajian :: Sooner, Oklahoma

Krista Caballero

Ground Truthing investigates the intersections of technology, land use and the environment in the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes of California. Utilizing land surveying as a strategy and point of departure, it seeks to examine the ways in which humans project particular values and ideals onto the land that inhibit or embrace sustainability.

Krista Caballero :: Ground Truthing

Melinda Go

Handmaid hinges on the laborious ritual of embroidering one handkerchief per day, for a period of one year. Design motifs, specific to particular days, are mined every morning from the vast database of the Internet and filtered through the artist's lens.

Melinda Go :: Handmaid

Jesse Jagtiani

The artist's work “investigates the personal and communal efforts made to establish identity in an era of globalization, rapid technology growth, and information ‘glut,’” in her own words. In I’m Telling the Truth, Babe, Jagtiani synthesizes her face with those of others, who then speak through her body. An American Tale is created from interviews collected in Boston, MA on the day of the 2008 U. S. Presidential Election. In the video How Dare You Call Me Un-American! the artist prepares Thanksgiving Dinner with a Mexican-American and a Russian-American friend.

Jesse Jagtiani :: How Dare You Call Me Un-American!

Alexia Mellor

Extending the Friendly Skies uses the vocabulary of aeronautical safety with sarcastic humor to make subtle comments on gender, security, and globalization. Mellor documented a series of actions where she dressed in a 1960’s style stewardess uniform. The performances use familiar safety routines presented in new, unexpected contexts.

Alexia Mellor :: Extending the Friendly Skies



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