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Curated by Debra Olin
December 14, 2012 – February 3, 2013

The Boston Center for the Arts is pleased to present the annual BCA Artist Studios Building exhibition with Process Goes Public, curated by Debra Olin and featuring participating artists: Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Georgina Lewis, Silvia López Chávez, Marilyn Mase, Selina Narovlansky, Robert Rovenolt, Miriam Shenitzer, Beverly Sky and Sophie Truong. Process Goes Public transforms the traditional “white cube” experience of the gallery into an interactive forum for artistic vision and the action of art.

The BCA Artist Studios Building (ASB) artists’ methods, processes, thoughts, insights and perspectives are the exhibition. Throughout the show, the artists will be actively working directly in the Mills Gallery’s space and walls on individual projects or concepts. Process Goes Public explores the artistic process in real time and engages with the development of ideas. The work will remain in-progress, ephemeral and incomplete until the end.

Process Goes Public takes artistic practice back to its core and embraces the foundational values of the ASB artists. In the consumer-based, object-driven art market, where the finished product and sales are the standards of achievement, this exhibition celebrates the germination of the artist’s idea, the conception, dialogue and process of artistic inspiration and the directions it follows.

Ruth Ginsberg-Place incorporates the subjects of everyday life, home and neighborhood into her work. She will be combining drawing, printmaking and text to transform the Mills into a site-specific “sketchbook,” recording her ideas throughout the exhibition. Georgina Lewis will be developing her ongoing, interactive, multimedia project, The Museum of Parity: An Exercise of Divergence and Unity, a conceptual exploration of taxonomy that incorporates visitor participation. In a new project that addresses the dangerous air quality issues in her neighborhood of Chelsea, MA, Silvia López Chávez invites the community to share their stories and serve as models for her large-scale, mixed media portrait-landscapes. Combining 2 and 3-D layers of charcoal, fabric, foam core, glue and acrylic paint, Marilyn Mase will be mapping out the chaos of nature through multiple perspectives on the gallery walls. Selina Narovlansky will be developing a fiber-based installation incorporating weaving, knitting, wrapping and sewing that examines the underlying meanings and associations within the materials. Recently returning from a trip to Cuba, Robert Rovenolt will construct “sculptural riffs” from the memorabilia he brings back and his impressions of the experience. Combining humor and poignant insight into human nature, Miriam Shenitzer will be drawing real-time animations that track the passerby movements outside the Mills by tracing the plaza’s activity directly through the windows. Informed by an expansive view of global art, culture and aesthetics, Beverly Sky will be creating fabric collages saturated with rich color and symbolism. Sophie Truong’s investigation of the overabundance and waste in our society brings her to build an installation of deconstructed, discarded garments. Using traditional hand techniques such as sewing and weaving, she explores two divergent paths: one of caring, the other of disregard.

Special thanks and acknowledgement to Carolyn Muskat, owner and operator of Muskat Studios, for the loan of the Takach Tabletop Etching Press for this exhibition.

All events are FREE and open to the public

Opening Reception

Fri, Dec 14 | 6 - 8 pm

Artist & Curator Talk / Closing Reception

Fri, Feb 1 | 6 - 8 pm
Talk begins at 6 pm

Artist Demos

Demos Saturdays at 2pm

Dec 15: Beverly Sky
Jan 12: Selina Narovlansky
Jan 19: Ruth Ginsberg-Place
Jan 26: Silvia López Chávez

Mills Gallery Hours
Wed & Sun: 12 to 5pm, Thurs, Fri & Sat: 12 to 9pm

Holiday Hours
Normal gallery hours through Sun, Dec 23
Wed, Dec 26: Closed
Thurs, Dec 27 through
Sun, Dec 30: 12 to 5pm
Normal gallery hours resume on Wed, Jan 2

Image: Page from the sketchbook of Ruth Ginsberg-Place



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