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A show about process, practice and proposals. A snapshot of artists’ ongoing thoughts, ideas and references. This exhibit explores their fears, influences, failures, experimentations, sketches and curiosity.

Featuring work by David Lloyd Brown, Aileen O. Erickson, Kathleen A. Kneeland, Douglas Kornfeld, Suzanne Merritt, Selina Narovlyansky, Konstantin Simun and David Addison Small. Curated by Emily Isenberg.

SWAP MEET | Exit Room

A selected group of artists and others will be invited to participate in a month long art swap. Each artist is invited to participate by installing an original piece in exchange for one they feel is equal in value. Each artist will help define a new infrastructure of commerce and worth that will be documented through a growing list of names, documentation and descriptions.

Featuring work by BCA Studio Artists Leika Akiyama, Silvia Lopez Chavez, David Reichert, Robert Rovenolt, and Miriam Schenitzer as well as local artists Heather Cleary, Jessica Gath, Sam McKinniss, Kenji Nakayama, Sydney Phelon, Suara Welitoff and more growing every day.


Exhibition programs at the Mills Gallery are free and open to the public

Dinner Swap | Wednesday, Feb 23 | 7 – 9pm
An opportunity to bring the art community together for a pot-luck style dinner

Performances, talks and events will be updated weekly. You can also check: artswapmeet.tumblr.com & twitter.com/artswapmeet


Institutional supporters

National Endowment for the Arts


Massachusetts Cultural Council


Liberty Mutual Foundation

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