Ruth Ginsberg-Place Print

Studio #303
42 Years in ASB

Black Cove, Schoodic Maine

Black Cove, Schoodic Maine

Flower in the Ruins

Flower In The Ruins

Mediums: printmaking: woodcut & monotype

Born in Brooklyn, NYC. Undergraduate studies: Syracuse University School of Fine Arts and The New School. Graduate Studies: Syracuse University, Master of Fine Arts, Simmons College, Master of Social Work.

Since I work in several mediums, color photography, woodcut and monotype prints, I tend to concentrate on the one medium for a stretch of time. Urban parks, natural phenomena like eclipses and lightning, plants close-up and autobiographic icons are sources of my imagery. Lately, I've been making interrelated small prints that become components of a larger art piece. Working with layers of color I can create transparency and richness in the art pieces and will often use patterning to enrich the surfaces.

Currently, I am designing woodcut images for a book collaboration on the Winds of Sardinia. Continuing a series of experimental woodcuts and monotype combinations based on abstracted flower forms, I sort through the recent color photographs taken in southern France and in Sardinia.
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