2012-2013 Residencies Print

2012–2013 Residencies

October 15–November 18, 2012
Quicksilver Dance
Boston Center for the Arts Dance Residency features Mariah Steele/Quicksilver Dance in Epoch Tales, a new work combining dance and science to explore the process of evolution. Echoing the movement of early life-forms, the piece will bring science to life by illuminating how the world may have moved in different evolutionary epochs. Other repertory featured will include a playful jaunt into the world of Frank Sinatra and an investigation into the cultural history of tea. Quicksilver will host a series of workshops that meld dance with disciplines of peace building, physics and writing on the BCA campus.

April 29–June 2, 2013
Navarasa Dance Theater
Boston Center for the Arts Dance Residency features Navarasa Dance Theater in My Dear Muddu Palani and other new works by Aparna Sindhoor and Anil Natyaveda. My Dear Muddu Palani explores sensuality through literature and performance based on work written by Muddu Palani in the 18th century and challenges the way women’s bodies are viewed in modern societies both in the east and the west. Inspired by Indian classical and folk dance forms, Navarasa Dance Theater weaves together dance, singing, Kalari ppayattu (Indian martial art), and original music to create multilayered, multilingual performances.

June 3–30, 2013
Kelley Donovan & Dancers
Boston Center for the Arts Dance Residency features Kelley Donovan & Dancers in Polishing Stone, a showcase of new company works. Premiered works include In Reverse, a company work that explores concepts of transformation, and Polishing Stone, an intergenerational dance work that investigates the cycle of creation, destruction and rebuilding through collaboration with performers ages 10–76. In addition to creating new works during their residency, Kelley Donovan & Dancers will host a series of open rehearsals and workshops on the BCA campus in partnership with local senior centers.

2012–2013 Movement at the Mills

September 28, 2012
elephant JANE Dance, Annie Kloppenberg & Co.
Boston Center for the Arts hosts Rhode Island-based elephant JANE Dance, Heidi Henderson, and Boston-based Annie Kloppenberg & Co. for Movement at the Mills. These esteemed companies will connect pieces of choreography with site-specific improvisational episodes. Blending the line between audience and stage, pedestrian and performance, the dancers will explore the concept of ‘dancers at work’ in the nooks of the Mills Gallery space.

December 7, 2012
LaneCoArts, Basil el Halwagy & Wendy Jehlen
Boston Center for the Arts delves into the unconscious mind and Indo-Arabic Mysticism with NYC-based dance theater company LaneCoArts and multidisciplinary artist, Basil El Halwagy in collaboration with Wendy Jehlen of ANIKAYA Dance.

May 20, 2013
The Bang Group with Lorraine Chapman, Contrapose Dance, Ryan Casey
Boston Center for the Arts hosts The Bang Group for our next installment of Movement at the Mills. Known for their joyful, smart, funny dances that resonate with the rich traditions of percussive dance, vaudeville, movie musicals and classical ballet, The Bang Group from NYC will blend company repertory with original Bang works on local artists Lorraine Chapman, Contrapose Dance, and Ryan Casey.