2010-2011 Residencies Print

2010–2011 Residencies

November 22–December 19th, 2010
Meghan McLyman of Accumulation Dance
Boston Center for the Arts’ Dance Residency Artist Meghan McLyman’s new work Collections of Why, will explore collections as representations of human identity and their power to communicate something deeply personal. In contrast, the work comments on overlying authoritative systems that are perpetuated beyond individual control. Collections of… memories, photos, shoes, clothing, letters, ideas, movement.

March 7–April 3, 2011
Boston Somatic Dance Company
Boston Center for the Arts’ Dance Residency Artist Bosoma Dance Company premiers the final development of Katherine Hooper’s new work Marionette. The BCA Dance Residency brought together the BoSoma Dance Company and Unyted Stylz dancers and choreographers, Katherine Hooper, Irada Djelassi, and Ricardo Foster. Marionette features the fusion BoSoma’s visceral contemporary movement with puppeteer-style hip hop by Ricardo Foster, of Unyted Stylz Entertainment.  The 60 minute showcase will feature an Opening Act by teens from the pre-professional Performance Workshop held during the BCA Dance Residency.

May 9–22, 2011
Brian Crabtree & Dancers
Brian Crabtree’s project new(F)angle will feature three pieces from three perspectives—original company repertoire (from 1994–2000), new compositions by Crabtree, and new interpretations from guest choreographers using Crabtree’s movement. The audience will experience the way a piece of music can inform or inspire choreographic ideas by observing these three unique and unexpected responses to a set of challenging scores.

May 23–June 5, 2011
Lorraine Chapman the Company
LCTC’s new work Safe Space is inspired by Stephen Wangh’s book An Acrobat of the Heart, a physical approach to acting inspired by the work of Jerzy Grotowski. This evening-length dance/theatre piece will implement techniques designed by Jerzy Grotowski that develop the connection between the performer’s inner being and expressive body. Performers will share with the audience a state that is not dancing or acting, but somewhere in between.

2010–2011 Movement at the Mills

November 5, 2010
Marsha Parrilla y Danza Organica, Monkeyhouse, Wanda Strukus

March 4, 2011
In Noon, Luminarium Dance Company, Zoe Dance

May 6, 2011
Deadfall Dance, Lauren Simpson