Georgina Lewis Print

Georgina Lewis, Painted Stump
Painted stump by Fenway, from ongoing series images from a future without proper care. 2017, digital print, 20” x 20”

Georgina Lewis, Wedge
Wedge, Christmas tree lot South End, from ongoing series images from a future without proper care. 2018, digital print, 15” x 10”

Georgina Lewis is an artist, writer, and curator. She received her MFA in Sound from Bard College and holds undergraduate degrees from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts and Franklin and Marshall College. She is employed by the MIT Libraries.

Georgina has been a resident at the Millay Colony, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and VCCA France, as well as a fellow at Harvard University’s metaLAB. For many years she was a member of the Collision Collective. Her work has been presented at numerous venues including the Visual Studies Workshop, National University of Ireland, REDCAT in Los Angeles, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, the Mills Gallery, and Boston University’s 808 gallery.

Statement: Making is an act of resistance and hope. I dream heavy and probe minutia. My process involves a set of ongoing negotiations between intuitive responses to my materials and systematized frameworks laid well in advance. Conceptual and formal issues are of equal concern to me and I make stories in pieces and delicate complications that examine the confluence of the human, animal, and machine worlds. I work across media, crafting images, objects, text, and sound. Currently I‘m obsessed with nostalgia, glitter, and trash. I’m worried about the world and believe that art plays a vital part in fixing it.


Instagram: georgina.lewis
Twitter: @Georgina__Lewis
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