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BCA Visual Artist Resident Nabeela Vega with Chloe Wong

Saturday, November 19 | 6–8pm
Sunday, November 20 | 6–8pm

Black Box Theatre at the BCA | 539 Tremont Street, Boston 02116

Exploring experiential and performative works with an intention of fostering intimate interactions between participating artists and viewers, BCA Fall 2016 Visual Artist Resident Nabeela Vega and Chloe Wong present Noise/Touch, a two night performance event in the BCA's Black Box Theatre. Developed during Vega's residency at the BCA, the event forms part of the artist's ongoing project VIX: Virtual International Exchange, which brings together national and international artists to contemplate ideas of intimacy and queering spaces, places and gestures.

Participating artists: Ali Asgar (Bangladesh/ME), Christian Cruz (Mexico/TX), Chloe Wong (CA), Topher Lineberry (NC), Kirk Lorenzo (NY), Gabbah Baya (FL), Suz Evans (MA), Stine An (MA), Rob Chamberlin (GA) and Coorain Devin (GA).

Nabeela Vega

Nabeela Vega

Nabeela Vega is a South Asian gender/queer media artist with an interest in creative organizing. Their expressions utilize photography, performance and moving image to explore post 9/11 narratives that intersect with South Asian diasporic experiences.

Ali Asgar

Ali Asgar

Ali Asgar, Artist Protection Fund Fellow in Residence at the University of Maine, is a Bangladeshi artist whose work surrounding gender, sexuality and social taboos often reflects upon their personal struggle with the conservative Bangladeshi attitude towards members of LGBTQ communities. Asgar uses their own body and self-imagery as a rudimentary element to walk the line between reality and the artifice of self-analysis. They are currently in the US as an Artist Protection Fund Fellow in residence at the University of Maine, continuing politically inspired projects that emphasize trauma, dislocation, isolation, body politics and queer identity.

Chloe Wong

Chloe Wong

Chloe 王譽霖 is currently attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She is activating her work through her body as an intergenerational dream that conceives her body as translation and is thinking about tropical heat. For this performance, she will be reciting a poem as she skins an aloe leaf, and as she eats pieces of the aloe flesh while kissing a vase made into the shape of her mother’s profile.

Christian Cruz

Christian Cruz

Christian Cruz is a cultural producer and a performing artist born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and based in Mexico City (D.F.), Mexico. She is currently working on performances that explore the relationship between movement and poetry. She works within the subculture, DIY and ephemeral. She reps queer femmes and xicanxs whenever possible.

Topher Lineberry

Topher Lineberry

Topher Lineberry investigates social and political narratives through cultural histories of amusement, entertainment, pleasure, leisure, fun and play. Topher’s work is often underlined by a critique of homonationalism—‘gay’ tolerance normalizing military nationhood—as well as broader recuperations of identity in the service of power. His performance, Saving the Archive, is based on a misattribution of the photograph Superman Fantasy, NYC shot by Arthur Tress in 1977, to photographer Philip Trage in the scholarly database Artstor.

Kirk Lorenzo

Kirk Lorenzo

Kirk Lorenzo is a queer latino artist from New York City currently based in Boston studying photography and sculpture at the School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Narratives, identity politics and social politics are themes that highly influence his work. His performance is titled Creating Platform, After Felix Gonzalez-Torres, appropriated from Gonzalez-Torres’ 1991 Untitled (Go-Go Dancing Platform). Creating Platform continues to widen the platform on which the dialogue on sex work stands and a genesis for such dialogue in his own work.

Suz Evans

Suz Evans

Suz Evans is a performance artist who works with the concept of phenomenology to explore both collective and personal human perception. Specifically they are interested how the language of identity creates associations in the mind. They are currently writing a play about MOIOULA, moments of intentional or unintentional live art. MOIOULA is very basically the art-potential of everyday life occurrences. Evans uses this idea as a tool to examine the unstable areas between art and not-art.

Stine An

Stine An

gregor spamsa (also goes by Stine An, C. An, Christine An, Su Yon An, 안수연) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. An explores writing (and rewriting) as an ongoing, everyday activity, as a performance, as a prayer, as an exercise, as a creation of the self, as a relationship. She is going to perform a puppet show, reading digital journal entries that one would not feel comfortable sharing online.

Rob Chamberlin and Coorain Devin

Rob Chamberlin and Coorain Devin

Robert Chamberlin and Coorain Devin are conceptual artists and lovers who collaborate to investigate their identity as queer individuals and their relationship to consider issues of love, queerness, intimacy and art and everyday life. As partners in life and in art, they are interested in borrowing from their cultural heritage to create new, queer tradition. For this performance, Devin and Chamberlin will ceremoniously cleanse the space and themselves to prepare for their penetration, ear piercing. |

Gabbah Baya

Gabbah Baya has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Their upbringing as an Arab American in the United States informs their perception as an artist because they create alternative narratives. Their work seeks to deconstruct hegemonic symbols and monuments of the United States and Middle East. Through recontextualizing these symbols, via visual vernacular of video games, they construct new spatial, visual and sonic realities that critique US perception of the Middle East.


Noise/Touch with Nabeela Vega and Chloe Wong
Nov 19, 2016  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Black Box Theatre - Boston
Visual Arts


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539 Tremont Street
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