Aileen O. Erickson Print

Studio #416
42 Years in ASB
Associated Artist Member

Fitting In

Fitting In, 2017, 8" x 10" x 7/8", Sea glass, beach stones, epoxy glue on panel

Mediums: Acrylic paintings on canvas; objects on panels and paper; mixed media paintings on paper; black and white watercolor paintings on paper.

Often embedded in the context of nature, my present work tends to focus on personal insights amid the search for balance and resolution.

I have mostly resided in New England, settling in Boston in my mid-twenties and then moving to Cambridge in my early thirties. In 1973 Boston Center for the Arts became my working home. 2

Artist Release

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Little Girl's Charm Bracelet with Rainbow and Bird

Little Girl’s Charm Bracelet with Rainbow and Bird, 2017, 49 1/3" x 36", Acrylic on canvas