What's On Their Mind | September 26 - October 9 | featuring Lane Gifford and Yang Jiemin Print

Get to know Lane Gifford of LaneCoArts and visual artist Yang Jiemin

LaneCoArts and Yang Jiemin collaborate in the upcoming Searching for a Phase Change, in Mills Gallery Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2. This special Artweek session of Run of the Mills explores the concept of contemporary communication. Click here to get your tickets.

What can we expect to see during Searching for a Phase Change?

Lane Gifford: As an artist I wish to ask questions that are relevant and meaningful for audience members today because when I create new works, I enter into a dialogue with the viewers. The subject of a phase change intrigues me and therefore I wish to enter into a discussion with our audience through a kaleidoscope of imagery from movement to a visual art component provided by Yang Jiemin, sound, video projection and dramatic content. We will take risks. This weaving together of parts is a challenging endeavor but as with a phase change, new results occur from the integrative process and it is that creative adventure we hope to share with our Boston viewers.

Yang Jiemin: It will be an unexpected dialogue of text, voice, sound, and movement, the result of which I can not predict either.

What drew you to work on this project with the BCA?

YJ: Phase changes are really interesting natural phenomena to me. I am fascinated with the idea that our society also goes through similar phase changes at different periods of time, and these changes can change everything fundamentally. And I love dance and am a movement artist as well. I was curious how Lane would develop the theme contained in this project combining both visual and movement elements.

LG: The primary aspect of this project with the BCA that captured my imagination was the concentration on process. LaneCoArts will use the time at the Mills Gallery to experiment. This is the beauty of the time we will spend there. It will allow us to explore one idea in a compelling space.

photo by Eric Bandiero
Photo by Eric Bandiero

How long have you been working as an artist? How did you get into the business?

YJ: I was interested in art when I was a kid. I finally had the chance to study art in college, and I found myself enjoying putting ideas together and transform them into something visual that stimulates people’s perceptions, emotions, and mind.

In five words, describe your process.

LG: Exploratory, highly collaborative, concept driven.

YJ: Follow the impulse and intuition.

How has the BCA helped you in your practice?

LG: The BCA has been invaluable in my practice because it has offered LaneCoArts, both creative and performance opportunities throughout two prior residencies in 2012 and 2015. In both occasions I was able to flesh out new ideas, sculpt and construct new works. This kind of support is essential for me as developing artist and I am grateful for this upcoming time we will spend at the Mills Gallery. The space in the gallery is extremely interesting for this kind of exploratory work and lends itself to creative thinking and problem solving.

What artists inspire you?

LG: Steven Hoggett, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Wes Anderson.

YJ: I am inspired by many different visual and dance artists who have given me strong visual impressions, including Amagatsu Ushio, Shen Wei, Jiří Kylián, Yayoi Kusama, Claude Monet.